About Launchable
​Launchable is a software testing intelligence platform.
Using data from your CI runs, Launchable provides actions and insights to speed up your testing workflow so you can ship high quality software faster:
  • ​Predictive Test Selection uses machine learning to select the right tests to run for a specific code change. This unlocks the ability to run a much smaller set of tests at various points in your software development lifecycle, accelerating delivery.
  • ​Flaky Test Insights surfaces flaky tests in your test suite so you can fix them and run tests more reliably.
To get started, contact our customer success team to initiate an enterprise proof of concept (POC), or sign up directly from our website. (Launchable is free for open source projects.)
Launchable is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) product.
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